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Principal's Message


Thank God, the grace of Allah SWT., College Seventeen Portal featuring the new look can be enhanced.

College Seventeen is a brilliant college since its inception in 2006. Various activities have been organized involving components such as soft skills, academic, leadership and so on. The activities of the college such as this can be realized with the residents fit, competitive, competent and well-established collaboration between the college management, the Supreme Council of the college student, the Student Affairs Division of UPM and the faculty. In addition, the college administration comprising line staff is committed to ensuring that all infrastructure and environment college

in conditions conducive to consumers also facilitate the development of the college to achieve the vision that wishes to develop students with outstanding personalities in addition to providing a conducive environment to become the premier colleges.

Thus, the College Seventeen citizens should be proficient in all fields of endeavor and not just focus on academic skills, in addition, to always carry out the responsibilities entrusted to honest and sincere.

Lastly, we strongly welcome your visit to the Official Website to learn more about the latest developments at the College of Seventeen. I hope that this portal will be a channel that can increase the love for the College as well as trigger Seventeen thinking towards a more creative and innovative. With this, the College Seventeen can continue to maintain its excellence.




Prof. Dr. Mohd Roslan bin Sulaiman
17th College
Universiti Putra Malaysia

Tel  : 03 8947 2689
Fax : 03 8943 2757

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Universiti Putra Malaysia
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